UK FCA Proposes Ban on Crypto Incentives in Tough New Marketing Rules


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The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has unveiled robust marketing rules designed to regulate the cryptocurrency industry and protect consumers from potential harm. As part of the nation’s post-Brexit financial strategy, the FCA aims to categorize cryptocurrencies as “restricted mass market investments.” The move would impose clear risk warnings and ban enticing incentives in promotional activities.

This proactive approach aligns with the FCA’s commitment to promoting responsible investing. It will also help provide individuals with the necessary time and information to make well-informed decisions. Citing the Executive Director of Consumers and Competition at the FCA, Sheldon Mills:

In today’s dynamic crypto landscape, it is crucial to strike a balance between empowering individuals to make their own investment choices and protecting them from potential pitfalls. Our proposed marketing rules and risk warnings enable consumers to navigate this high-risk sector more effectively.

UK FCA’s Stricter Crypto Marketing Rules Aim to Protect Consumers and Foster Responsible Investing

The intention to treat cryptocurrencies as high-risk investments and restrict the availability of certain promotional offers has been met with mixed responses from industry stakeholders. Despite facing opposition during the public consultation process, the FCA has decided to move forward with its proposed measures, emphasizing its commitment to reducing harm and protecting consumers.

The FCA has announced a proposal for stringent marketing rules. The rules would categorize cryptocurrencies as “restricted mass market investments.” The threshold would be clear risk warnings and banning enticing incentives such as “refer a friend” or “new joiner bonuses.” This move is part of the Financial Services and Markets Bill, a crucial legislative framework guiding the nation’s post-Brexit financial strategy.

By granting the FCA the power to establish rules for the cryptocurrency sector, the bill reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring a well-regulated and transparent environment. In conjunction with the forthcoming rules, the FCA has released new guidance for public comment. The aim is to clarify and ensure firms fully understand the implications of the requirements for promoting crypto assets. The proposed guidance emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough due diligence. It also underscores the need for possessing verifiable evidence of the underlying crypto assets. This is to ensure fair and accurate financial promotions.

Additionally, the FCA’s proposed guidance highlights the need for firms promoting stablecoins to avoid making misleading claims regarding stability or any connections to fiat currencies. The FCA aims to foster transparency and protect investors from misleading information by setting out a comprehensive range of measures.

Protecting Investors, FCA Measures to Mitigate Crypto Investment Regret

The decision to introduce stricter marketing rules stems from the significant increase in cryptocurrency ownership in the UK. According to a recent FCA report, crypto ownership among the surveyed population doubled from 2021 to 2022. In fact, 10% of respondents indicated their ownership of cryptocurrencies. This surge in popularity has also been accompanied by cases of regret among individuals who made impulsive investment decisions.

FCA’s Executive Director of Consumers and Competition, Sheldon Mills acknowledged that it is ultimately an individual’s choice to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, research shows that many individuals regret making hasty decisions. The FCA provides new rules and risk warnings to give consumers the time and information to make well-informed investment choices.

Non-compliance with the FCA’s forthcoming promotion rules could result in severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to two years, fines, or both. However, the FCA also acknowledges the need for balance. This is to allow crypto firms to approve their advertisements starting October 8, subject to compliance with the regulations.

FCA Proposed Marketing Rules Is A Milestone In Regulating Cryptocurrency Industry

The proposed ban on crypto incentives and the introduction of stringent marketing rules by the FCA marks a significant milestone in crypto industry regulation. With an emphasis on risk warnings and transparent promotions, the FCA seeks to protect consumers from potential harm.

The FCA’s move to treat cryptocurrencies as “restricted mass market investments” reflects the recognition of their inherent risks and volatility. By categorizing them as such, the FCA aims to ensure that investors receive clear and accurate information.

Moreover, the FCA’s ban on crypto incentives, such as “refer a friend” or “new joiner bonuses,” demonstrates a commitment to discouraging impulsive and uninformed investment decisions. By removing such incentives, the FCA aims to mitigate the risk of individuals being enticed into the crypto market. This aligns with the agency’s broader objective of promoting responsible investing and reducing the likelihood of consumers experiencing regret over hasty financial choices.

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