This Platform Lets You Take Control of Your Freelancing Career


The freelancing industry is flourishing at 15% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).

However, over the years, gig marketplaces have become more like bureaucratic setups, leaving freelancers frustrated as they are relegated to the likes of temporary workers with little rights.

The upcoming Uwerx platform intends to challenge this status quo and offer freelancers a chance to be truly free. With its WERX token presale active right now ($.0025 per token and a 20% bonus), it offers gig workers the opportunity to opt in by backing the platform early on.

The State of Freelancing Today is Worrying

Online freelancing marketplaces have existed for almost 2 decades now. Though the number has increased exponentially, their business models haven’t improved with increased competition.

Major issues include heavy commissions (sometimes as high as 20%), unnecessary delays in payment release, draconian policies regarding freelancer rights, and limited market access. These and other reasons force gig workers into a position they are not happy with and feel exploited.

While platforms put all these restrictions under the garb of ensuring a good market and anti-fraud actions, the truth is that these are designed to box in freelancers.

Uwerx (WERX) Will Break The Bonds For Good

The upcoming freelancing platform Uwerx will be a game changer in the freelancing world. Designed to offer what other gig marketplaces lack, the platform will launch a freelancer-centric service, including leveraging blockchain.

Supporting different management and productivity tools, Uwerx will allow freelancers to offer their services in the most efficient way possible. This also extends to communication tools.

Then there is the decentralized nature and the native WERX token. With no middleman, the platform will use smart contracts for escrow, leading to one of the lowest commissions in the industry (a mere 1%). Uwerx developers have also taken steps to make it secure, such as a dual audit by InterFi Network and SolidProof, along with a decision to lock in their token liquidity as a show of faith.

Uwerx will also be revealing its alpha version in the coming days to allow freelancers to start building their careers. The platform will also be going through a leadership change, with the developers handing over the control to the users, letting them command their future.

Gig Workers Love Freelancing, Firms Love Freelancers

The concept of being your own boss is alluring and millions have found that this is possible by taking the freelancing route. In the last few years, COVID-19 and the global economic recession have pushed people to find gigs that supplement their income – even making a career out of it. 

The love is not one-sided. Even organizations are increasingly preferring freelancers, with almost half saying a quarter of their workforce consists of gig workers.

Uwerx (WERX) Presale Has Attracted Thousands Already

Uwerx is undoubtedly emerging as a compelling investment opportunity with the promise of significant growth in 2023 and beyond. Not only is its potential already evident with the unveiling of parts of the Alpha Version, but the upcoming Beta version is another exciting development that underscores its forward momentum.

Take note, the current advantageous WERX price of $0.0315 is set to rise to $0.041 on Friday, 2nd June at 15:00 UTC. Alongside this, the bonus on orders will also see a reduction from 20% to 15%. This precise moment offers a unique window for you to capitalize on the current price and bonus rate.

By opting for WERX at its present value of $0.0315, you will also be benefiting from a generous 20% purchase bonus. Such opportunities are fleeting, and it’s the forward-thinking individuals who will seize them.

So, delve deeper, explore more, and make an informed decision about investing in Uwerx today. The links below will guide you on this journey. Don’t let this promising opportunity pass by unnoticed. Your future self might just thank you.

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