Revolut X launches as Bitbot’s presale surpasses $3.2 million


Key takeaways

  • London-based Revolut has launched Revolut X to compete with leading crypto exchanges.
  • Bitbot’s presale has now officially crossed the $3.2 million mark.

Revolut X is now live for experienced traders

Financial institutions continue to troop into the cryptocurrency space and London-based Revolut will not be left out. The digital bank announced the launch of Revolut X earlier today as it seeks to compete with the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Revolut X is a standalone exchange designed to attract users to trade through it instead of buying and selling cryptocurrencies with the Revolut app. Revolut X offers lower fees and currently charges zero fees to the maker of a trade and 0.09% to the taker.

What is Bitbot?

As major institutions continue to enter the crypto space, new projects continue to emerge to provide better services to users. Bitbot is one of the projects to look out for as it is set to introduce AI to the crypto trading ecosystem.

Bitbot is a Telegram AI trading bot that allows traders to gain access to some exciting features that would help them with their cryptocurrency trading journey. This solution will make it easier for users to trade cryptocurrencies via their cold wallets on Telegram.

Telegram is currently the leading messaging platform for cryptocurrency users and Bitbot intends to leverage its millions of users to gain massive adoption. Bitbot will give traders access to a wide range of tools that will help them execute trade faster, securely and more transparently. 

Bitbot is launching its solution at a time when the total cryptocurrency market cap is approaching the $3 trillion mark. Bitbot could provide services to retail and institutional traders in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitbot to provide AI trading services to retail traders

Bitbot will provide trading services to retail traders as they remain crucial to the crypto market. This trading tool will focus on offering tech-savvy features to ease the trading process for users.

The security of user assets is a crucial part of Bitbot. Bitbot will use the Knightsafe feature to offer a self-custody solution, eliminating the typical risks associated with Telegram trading.

In addition to that, the platform will integrate anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions to help users protect their assets. With these security features, traders won’t fall for scam projects or bots that artificially pump transaction costs when using Bitbot. 

Bitbot will also integrate an ultra-flexible wallet management powered by non-custodial API technology into its tool. The technology would allow users to have an extra layer of security to ensure the safety of their funds.

Finally, with the Copy Trading feature, it is easy for newbie traders to trade and gain knowledge from experienced traders. This feature will enable novice traders to copy the trades of the strongest-performing wallets based on on-chain activities.

Bitbot’s presale surpasses $3.2 million

The Bitbot presale is progressing excellently and it is currently in its 13th stage. So far, Bitbot has raised $3,210,841 of the required $3,546,000 for this stage. As the presale grows, it indicates rising interest from investors.

Currently, the $BITBOT token is going for $0.018 but is set to increase to $0.0189 once the 14th round commences. 

In their whitepaper, the development team revealed that they will receive 20% of the total token supply and use it to fund ongoing development. 14% of the total token supply is allocated to marketing & CEX listings while another 3% is allocated to exchange liquidity provision.

Click here to read more about Bitbot’s upcoming presale.

Should you invest in the Bitbot project?

The Bitbot presale is moving along excellently and the opportunity to invest in this project continues to decline with each passing round. Historically, presales are the best times to invest in crypto projects as they allow investors to buy tokens at a discount before they get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitbot could become one of the leading AI trading platforms in the cryptocurrency space. Its native token could record a massive surge in price if Bitbot gains the right level of adoption.

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