How Web3 & AI Empower Real-World Learning and Job Matching


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While the tech industry’s skills gap widens, thousands of people are struggling to catch up. This feels like being in a Porsche that is overtaken by a new and advanced AI-driven Tesla. The Web3 project Udao offers a revolutionary solution to bridge this gap efficiently.

Udao is a Web3 platform for learning job-relevant skills and finding the next career step, developed by AI experts from ETH Zurich. Over a billion people need to reskill by 2030 as half the skills today will become obsolete or automated. Udao aims to offer a solution for rapid and cost-effective reskilling, and brings the person with the right skills to the right place. Two big names stand out among its partners, IBM and Udemy.

This platform differentiates in the crowded Web3 space by directly addressing real-world challenges and creating tangible benefits for society.

Technology Advancements Drive the Skills of the Future

Every day, new technologies change the way we work and live. From smarter software to new ways of solving old problems, innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are rapidly transforming industries. In just the past few months, many new AI tools were introduced, each promising to make life easier and more efficient.

This rapid growth in technology means that the job market is also changing. Skills such as data analysis, cybersecurity, software development, and digital marketing are becoming crucial. For anyone looking to succeed in tomorrow’s job market, being able to learn and adapt these new skills quickly is key.

The Need for a Skills Economy Platform

According to Cisco’s AI Readiness Index, only 14% of organizations feel fully prepared for the AI era. Nearly 90% of organizations report difficulties in finding employees with the necessary skills, underscoring a disconnect between current workforce skills and the needs of the modern job market.

The Udao platform is designed to bridge this gap by connecting educators, organizations, and talents. Udao helps people keep up with technological changes and find the right places where they can contribute and advance in their careers, ensuring that both individuals and organizations can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Bridging the Skill Gap with a Web3 Platform

As the rapid evolution of technology has reshaped the landscape of the global job market, it has created a pressing need for a workforce that is adaptable, skilled, and continuously evolving. Udao bridges this gap in skills development with the job market and offers a solution for rapid, cost-effective, and job-demand driven reskilling and upskilling. On the same platform, it matches the skills of the talents with the right job positions.

Equal Opportunity in the Job Market and Skills Development

As the rapid evolution of technology continues to reshape the landscape of the global job market, it creates a pressing need for a workforce that is adaptable, skilled, and continuously evolving. From both economic and ethical perspectives, it is crucial to provide all people with equal opportunities to develop the skills they need. The necessity for the right skills is a global issue; as technology advances, opportunities to learn and adapt must be available to everyone, everywhere. Udao helps to ensure a more fair and inclusive job market, as well as accessibility for skills development for everyone. 

The world tends to unbalance wealth more and more, and people are starting to act against this trend. In the Web3 space, many projects value community engagement and Udao goes even one step further. The difference with Udao is that it addresses a real problem and generates real benefits for society. Analysis of Udao’s utilities reveals that the UDAO Token is a key component of their ecosystem, enabling governance, platform utility, rewards, and other benefits. This demonstrates their commitment to sharing success with the community.

Udao Bridges the Future and delivers value to the society

In conclusion, as we navigate through this era of rapid technological advancement, it’s clear that having the right skills is not just beneficial but essential for individual and corporate survival and success. The Udao platform is here to ensure that both learners and organizations are equipped to face these challenges head-on. It offers a more inclusive platform that creates real-world value and shares its success with its community.

For more information, follow Udao on Twitter and join the community of thousands of people who sees the relevance of having such a Skills-first platform and support equal opportunity for the job market and skills development.

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