How do DeFi projects generate profit?


This week’s episode of Cointelegraph’s Market Talks welcomes Alvin Xu, the co-founder and CEO of Maverick Protocol, a platform that is taking a new approach to building decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure. Xu has been in the crypto space since 2018, and before co-founding Maverick, he led products and ecosystems across MetaMask, Abra Wallet, BitTorrent and the Tron Foundation.

The show kicks off with a discussion about the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris, where Xu was a guest. He gives the inside scoop on all the latest updates and developments from the conference.

Capital shift is an issue in DeFi, with money constantly rotating into different protocols and blockchains. How can protocols create real products that are sustainable when users just chase after yield and airdrops? Xu explains how his protocol plans to solve this issue.

Up next, the episode explores where the yield in DeFi really comes from. Xu gives his opinion on the Ethereum liquid staking derivatives market, what real yield is and how it differs from previous bull markets. 

Xu talks about the Maverick Protocol and how it differs from others in the sector in three major ways. He also explains the differences between DeFi and centralized finance. 

Finally, we get Xu’s macro take on the crypto market in 2023 and if he thinks the bull market is already here.

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