Gaming Blockchain Oasys Links With Korean Firm, Driving OAS To All-Time High


The Oasys blockchain, backed by big-name gaming firms Ubisoft and Sega, saw its OAS token hit an all time high late Monday, leaping 22% to $0.1414 after it announced a partnership with Korean game developer Com2uS.

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Oasys—not to be confused with Oasis—is a combination of a layer-1 blockchain and an Ethereum-compatible,  Optimistic rollup-based layer-2 scaling solution. Individual games can launch their own version, or “Verse,” to capitalize on its architecture.

Oasys announced that it would work with Korean game developer Com2uS, known for video game titles like action and strategy RPGs The Walking Dead: All-Stars, and Summoners War: Chronicles. Com2uS also has a  Web3 business subsidiary named XPLA.

Those games will move to Oasys, and join other titles from other game developers, such as My Crypto Heroes by DoubleJump Tokyo, a pixel-style NFT fantasy game that has seen over 33 million transactions across over 684,000 crypto wallets.

Com2uS claims to be the first game studio and publishing company to develop a mobile game in South Korea and already participates in Oasys as a validator. Its “Verse” will be called XPLA Verse.

“The core value of Oasys comes from the vision that Oasys acts as a blockchain that offers the most relevant solutions for game companies as a game-focused blockchain,” said Dominic Jang, who leads the firm's business development and its Korea initiatives.“We are also confident our collaboration will lead to the kind of innovative gaming experiences that players deserve.”

The alliance will also provide an inroad into the Japanese market.

“By partnering with Oasys, XPLA will make a significant move into the world’s third largest gaming market, Japan, with plans to launch two major Web3 games based on globally recognized IPs within the first half of the year,” XPLA team lead Paul Kim added. “We intend to capture the 55 million Japanese gamers community.”

The partnership will help Com2uS “to navigate and comply with the local regulatory requirements in Japan.”

After its peak, the price of OAS has settled to $0.1299 as of writing.

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