Game Development, CEX Listing, and a Marketing Evolution


$CRUX, the new blockchain-powered gaming and financial platform, is proud to announce aims to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry and pave the way for exciting new milestones. They started to establish themselfs as a driving force in the gaming and blockchain space, building through bear market and with massive potential.

At its core, CRUX offers a captivating gaming ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with its native token, CRUX (CRUX). They provide a play-to-earn (P2E) experience where players can unleash their skills, navigate challenges, and unlock real-world value. The immersive survival MMORPG game allows players to venture into a post-apocalyptic world, where they fight against relentless undead enemies and compete for survival in a resource-scarce environment all worth $CRUX that is tradeable for real value and money.

In addition to the game, CRUX offers a comprehensive financial platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. Traders and investors can access real-time market analysis, social sentiment analysis, and on-chain data, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities in the crypto market.

Exciting new milestones lie ahead for CRUX, with a key focus on expanding its reach and creating more value for its community. One of the most highly anticipated milestones is the upcoming listing on a major centralized exchange (CEX), which will significantly enhance accessibility and liquidity for the CRUX token. The CEX listing will empower users to seamlessly trade CRUX on a trusted and established platform, further fueling the growth and adoption of the ecosystem.

Another critical area of development for CRUX is the continuous enhancement of its game. The team is dedicated to delivering engaging gameplay experiences, expanding the world, introducing new features, and fostering a vibrant community of players. By incorporating player feedback and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, CRUX aims to establish its game as a benchmark for immersive and rewarding gaming experiences in the crypto space.

CRUX recognizes the importance of strategic marketing initiatives to bolster its presence and drive user adoption. As the volume of CRUX transactions and the ecosystem’s growth continue to surge, their smart contract allows them to gather even more funds for marketing due to a 4% fee on every transaction. On the tokenomics side, $CRUX has an 8% fee on every transaction, where 4% goes to marketing, 2% to liquidity, and 2% back to holders. These initiatives further strengthen the CRUX brand, attract new users, and expand its global community.

“Our upcoming CEX listing, coupled with ongoing game development and targeted marketing initiatives, will solidify CRUX’s position as a leader in the crypto gaming industry,” says Rodrigo, CEO of CRUX.

CRUX remains steadfast in its long-term vision of building a dynamic and interconnected metaverse powered by blockchain technology. By creating a seamless and immersive gaming experience while providing real-world value through the CRUX token, the platform aims to revolutionize the gaming and financial industries.

Their demo version of the game is out already and available on CRUX website.Here’s also a short gameplay of the alpha version:

To stay updated on CRUX’s latest news, milestones, and developments, visit the official website at Join the vibrant CRUX community on Telegram at for engaging discussions and insights.

About CRUX

CRUX is a community-driven blockchain platform that combines gaming and finance to deliver a unique and rewarding experience. With its survival MMORPG game and advanced financial platform powered by AI and machine learning, CRUX is reshaping the crypto gaming industry. The CRUX token (CRUX) serves as the utility token within the ecosystem, facilitating in-game transactions, empowering the financial platform, and rewarding users. For more information, visit

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