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  • GamStop was created in the United Kingdom to help gamblers get free help when they need it.
  • A lot of gamblers gambling at casino sites not on GamStop in the UK are using crypto.
  • Besides GamStop, there are other responsible gambling tools like GamBan and BetBlocker.

Crypto gambling is slowly immerging as a new trend. Almost 420 million people in the world use cryptocurrency and many of them love to gamble, meaning many of them would prefer crypto gambling. 

However, crypto gamblers need to play responsibly. Tools like GamStop can help the crypto casino ecosystem and make it sustainable.

GamStop – popular responsible gambling tool

There are dozens of responsible gambling tools and their number is growing. One of these tools, GamStop, has become a choice for many crypto gamblers. But what is it?

For starters, GamStop is not GameStop. These are two completely different platforms. 

GamStop was created in the United Kingdom to help gamblers get a free type of help when they need it. People create accounts on GamStop to ensure they only gamble on UKGC-licensed casinos and betting sites. It ensures they cannot play on unlicensed casinos and sites and the ban can last as long as you want it to last up to 5 years after which you can remove the ban or prolong it once again and again. 

The main benefits are a bit obvious. Gamblers can enjoy safer gambling, period. They can use a free tool to get professional help whenever they need it. Players can also get additional help if their condition is a bit more demanding. All of these things make the gambling ecosystem possible and stable!

There is one issue though. Players can bypass GamStop! It is possible to play at non-GamStop casinos, which are sites that are not controlled by UK or UKGC.

Correlation between crypto gambling and casinos not on GamStop

A lot of gamblers gambling at casino sites not on GamStop in the UK have invested in crypto. They will continue to use it and they adore this idea. See, these people don’t like the limitations UKGC has set. They want and need freedom while playing. Non-GamStop casinos offer just that. 

Using crypto means players can get even bigger bonuses, stay anonymous, and do so much more that are not a thing at UKGC sites. 

However, there are some issues we must mention. For instance, these casinos are not heavily regulated like UKGC sites which means that some of them can be problematic. Sites of this kind also don’t invest in security as massive UK casinos do. 

All of this suggests one simple thing. Responsible gambling tools are even more important at non-GamStop casinos. We can say that they are essential and something you should use in 100% of cases. These tools can keep you safe when nothing else will work. 

Other responsible gambling tools in addition to GamStop

Today when more and more people try to equate cryptocurrencies with gambling, it is important to show that there are already available tools that can cover all the requests. If you think that GamStop is the only tool of this kind, you are wrong. 

As a matter of fact, users have a lot of additional options they can use at any given moment. All of these methods, options or apps if you like have one thing they are designed to do. They can be used alongside GamStop and help a player completely. What this means is that GamStop will cover UKGC sites and another tool will cover all the rest. This combo can make gambling online extremely safe and secure. Anyway, let’s see the most common options you can use. 

GamBan comes in the form of an app. You can get it on computers and smartphones if you like. The app is not free. But you will get a 7-day free trial you can use to check out the app and see how it works. 

The idea is simple. Once installed, the app will block access to gambling and betting websites. You are done. Additionally, GamStop started blocking crypto platforms and it constantly expands its database. There is no way you can remove the app and continue playing and this makes GamStop so effective.

Betblocker is one of the free apps (for this purpose of course) that is rare today. You can install it right now and set it all up in 2 minutes. Then you will see that over 85.000 gambling sites are not available any longer. Once the time frame you have selected expires, you can remove the app and play again. 

This is probably the oldest app of this kind. It was developed in the 90s. Then, it was developed for parental controls which some people used. In the 2000s it added functionality to block gambling and betting sites. 

Netnanny works on all operating systems and it is very effective. Try it and you will see why some people have been using it for years. 

Empowering crypto users and ensuring a sustainable gambling ecosystem

Using GamStop or some other tools we have listed here is needed, especially if you like playing at crypto casinos. These are all tools that can help you when you need help the most. At the same time, these can help you control your gambling desires more so you can play in a clever way.

When using these tools and when you invest some time into learning all about responsible gambling, you can make this form of fun special. You can play and don’t have to worry about gambling addiction or anything similar. 

Another benefit of all this is that the gambling ecosystem will become sustainable. There won’t be a lot of people who have issues while playing, meaning that the whole ecosystem will flourish. Without these tools and responsible gambling, all of this will be much harder and maybe even impossible. 


Responsible gambling tools are one thing we all need. These can make any form of gambling better and safer. therefore, it is important to promote them properly around the world and adopt the available tools with different topics. 

Although all players may want to consider these at some point, crypto gamblers simply must. They are in an ecosystem that is still relatively new, so using all the help they can is important.

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