Elon Musk Meme Tweet Causes Milady NFT Price To Almost Double


Source: Elon Musk's tweet

Twitter head Elon Musk caused a particular non-fungible token to spike on Wednesday after tweeting it out to his almost 140 million followers.

Musk tweeted a meme of the Milady NFT, which has since swelled in popularity. 

“There is no meme,” Musk tweeted on the image. “I love you.”

Milady Maker is a collection of 10,000 profile NFTS, according to marketplace OpenSea. 

The NFTs focused on cartoon-like characters, priced at about 5 ETH a piece as of Wednesday afternoon.

The NFTs’ style “is inspired by the subcultural fashion tribes of Y2K Japan,” according to its website. 

The day before, the NFTs were trading closer to 3 ETH and almost double to 5.7 ETH, according to CoinGecko. 

Milady Maker then retweeted a reply to Musk with a text over the image that read “Sometimes I get scared but then I remember. I am Milady. I have already won. I am loved. I am powerful. I am divine. I love you.”

When Musk tweets, the price goes up

Another crypto product also gained massive popularity when Musk tweeted about it. 

Musk changed the Twitter logo to the Shiba Inu dog, associated with the crypto Dogecoin, last month. 

That move caused Dogecoin to surge over 30% in about 48 hours. 

Musk bought Twitter in October after months of back and forth. 

The billionaire also is also the founder of electric car maker Tesla and rocket producer SpaceX. 

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