DeeLance is the New Web3 Project Looking to Revolutionize the Freelancing & Recruitment Industries


The freelancing and recruitment world is witnessing a new entrant – with DeeLance ($DLANCE) on a mission to reshape the gig economy through decentralization.

This brand-new, Ethereum-based platform has already turned heads in the crypto market, raising an impressive $1.3 million through its ongoing presale phase.

With plans already in the works for exchange listings in the coming months, investors are beginning to take notice of DeeLance’s disruptive potential.

Blockchain-Powered DeeLance Platform Streamlines the Recruitment Process

Put simply, DeeLance is a Web3 recruitment platform that seeks to revolutionize how clients hire freelancers. By leveraging the power of the Ethereum blockchain, DeeLance intends to streamline this process – making it simpler, faster, and cheaper.

According to data from IBISWorld, the global recruitment industry is valued at over $761 billion. However, this valuation is expected to rise by 1.4% this year and continue its growth trend in the following years.

DeeLance’s developers intend to disrupt this industry, offering a much more user-friendly experience than centralized freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

One of the most significant changes that DeeLance has in store is lower fees. DeeLance charges just 2% to clients and 10% to freelancers; on the other hand, Fiverr charges 20% to both parties.

Moreover, DeeLance uses a crypto-based payment system and smart contract-enabled escrow accounts to protect clients and freelancers from loss.

This also has the added benefit of enabling instant withdrawals for freelancers, with no minimums – which is in stark contrast to the high minimum payout thresholds implemented by centralized platforms.

Per DeeLance’s whitepaper, the platform will even utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to help manage ownership of completed work.

Allowing freelancers to tokenize their work as an NFT helps eradicate any issues related to who owns the work – creating a fairer (and more transparent) environment for all users.

Alongside these elements, DeeLance will boast a fully-fledged metaverse world designed for clients and freelancers.

In this world, clients and freelancers can create avatars and interact with one another in an immersive way. Clients can also set up their own “virtual offices” and hold meetings.

Not only that, but clients can even purchase virtual advertising space to market their products/services.

All of this is made possible through DeeLance’s native ERC-20 token, $DLANCE.

$DLANCE is used as the metaverse’s transactional currency when renting virtual office space or paying for in-world advertising.

However, $DLANCE is also the main digital currency clients use to pay freelancers for their work.

This setup has numerous benefits since $DLANCE holders will be rewarded with exclusive perks – like fee discounts, access to NFT whitelists, and early access to new DeeLance features.

Evidencing the increasing interest in the DeeLance platform, the project’s Telegram channel is witnessing a rapid surge in its user base, now comprising more than 14,000 members.

DeeLance’s Twitter page also boasts an audience of over 28,000 people – highlighting the widespread anticipation for the platform’s launch.

DeeLance Presale Offers Promising Opportunity to Crypto Investors

A beta version of the DeeLance platform is slated for launch later this year – although interested investors can get involved earlier by purchasing $DLANCE tokens through the ongoing presale.

The DeeLance presale comprises seven stages, with Stage 4 now in progress, meaning tokens are priced at just $0.038.

With the planned exchange listing price already set at $0.057, investors can lock in a paper profit of 50% by purchasing $DLANCE during the current stage.

However, only 300 million $DLANCE tokens have been set aside for presale investors – and with the token price increasing between each stage, those wishing to benefit from the lowest entry point are incentivized to get involved as early as possible.

The presale’s unique setup has piqued the interest of several prominent crypto influencers. YouTuber Michael Wrubel, who boasts over 310,000 subscribers, recently released a video stating that it could be the “next billion-dollar crypto.”

Ultimately, time will tell whether this prediction will hold true – but the strong interest and initial success of the presale suggest that DeeLance has the potential to make a significant impact in the freelancing world.

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