Avorak AI Algos Record Another Win On Recent Bitcoin Trade


Avorak has been the word on the lips of ‘those in the know’ for a while now.

As a premium suite of artificial intelligence technologies, Avorak is set to ride the new wave of how trades and investments are managed, how the creative workforce better manages their time, and how core concepts of blockchain finality are typically thought of.

What is Avorak?

Avorak AI is a fresh machine learning company ready to shake up the industry by melding the instantaneous and automated functions of blockchain contracts with a ground-breaking core product lineup and investor reward system.

The AI systems Avorak is working on include image generators, automated writing systems and human language models, self-learning trading systems, and eventually, a blockchain that dedicates the processing power of nodes to run the AI itself.

This incredibly expansive and useful set of products will be led by the trading system, which has just started its closed beta with ICO investors.

Avorak Trade

This trading system uses state-of-the-art technology to implement tried and tested tactics, sped up to thousands of times faster than a human can perform the same tasks.

By analyzing thousands of ‘potential paper trades’ from historical charts and then combining that information with live chart feeds, Avorak can determine the most effective indicators for each asset over certain timeframes and make plans for entry and exit prices to make the trade. Th

ese suggestions can be delivered either as a dataset for traders to follow manually, or certain CEX accounts can be linked via API for the bot to make the trades automatically on the trader’s behalf. One of the glorious benefits of this is the ‘set and forget’ that this offers, allowing those without the skills to survive in the market to profit.

Avorak Beta

This trading product is already in beta, and despite the traders themselves being sworn to secrecy, it is already known that the bot performed a perfect short on Bitcoin, netting traders into the high 50s of percentage profit from a single trade.

With the bot able to determine the trades with (so far) incredible accuracy, alongside a custom risk tolerance setting, the leverage multiplier can be increased with a much lower potential risk of loss, allowing for much-improved profit figures.

With AVRK being paid as a small percentage of profits as fees for using the bots, if Avorak can keep up this kind of track record and the profits keep rolling in, the demand for AVRK will cause both quality price action for real utility, in addition to the hype surrounding this new trade machine.

In addition to this, the AVRK that is paid has a Revenue Share system that redistributes 49% back to AVRK holders. This can cause an even greater demand for AVRK as those who may not wish to trade can purchase the crypto to generate passive income in a way that doesn’t cause inflation of the token.

On top of this is a 2% burn, facilitated from the revenue. Enough said; every box is ticked on this one.

Want to learn more about Avorak AI?

Website | Buy AVRK


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