Is SafeMoon Dead? New Meme Coin SafeMoon 3.0 Launches on Uniswap, Other DEXTools Top Crypto Gainers to Watch


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SafeMoon recorded one of the most remarkable rallies during the 2021 bull run, shocking many between April and May. The epic price action changed even more lives, making some investors unexpected millionaires. The surge came around when Dogecoin (DOGE) was thriving, meaning its position as the king of meme coins could have influenced SafeMoon.

Such has been seen in many instances within the crypto playfield, including the recent rally in the crypto market. As reported, Bitcoin (BTC) recently breached the $31,000 mark before pulling back. The overflows of this rally boded well for altcoins, causing price surges across the board. Even Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC) turned bullish despite delisting from Robinhood and recently Revolut.

Back to SafeMoon, things changed rather too fast when the token crashed, and efforts to resuscitate it with a second version (V2) proved unsuccessful. The turn of events caused many to write the project off as dead, as key employees bailed while investors launched class action lawsuits against the company. Consequently, its market value slumped a whopping 85% in a few months.

After learning from the mistakes in the previous versions, SafeMoon is here again, only bigger and better. It now presents itself as SafeMoon 3.0, ready to take investors to new heights. A lot has changed from the initial versions, including that it now presents a more capable team, top-of-the-chain branding, an amazing outreach program, and the right utilities for full-swing adoption.

SafeMoon 3.0 Launches On Uniswap

SafeMoon 3.0 (SFM3.0) premiered on Uniswap on June 30, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) by trading volume. It was the first DEX on the Ethereum network, allowing users to swap any ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Right from launch, the volume of purchases for early entrants is over the top and going as high as 70 ETH. Based on data from DEXScreener, the debut was crowned with up to 150 trades and over $1 million in trading volume in under five minutes after launch. These stats have exceeded expectations, pointing to the token’s enormous growth potential.

At the time of writing, the token is auctioning at $0.00000005435 against wrapped Ether (WETH). The token exploded almost 470% in the first rally before a temporary lag phase as SFM3.0 bulls regrouped. The subsequent buying pressure sent the token a staggering 102% north to record an intra-day high of $0.00000006283.

TradingView: SFM3.0/ETH

SafeMoon 3.0 benefits from great interest and a strong community that appreciates its potential.  Investors believe in the coin’s long-term growth potential and are willing to jump in early to capitalize on future gains.

SafeMoon3.0 records a market capitalization of $100,000 at the time of writing. It has a renounced contract and locked liquidity pool with early alpha callers expecting it to do even better in the coming days. The renounced contract comes as the project prioritizes user security, therefore maintaining high transparency and accountability standards.

As regards the liquidity-locked pool, the project has a liquidity reserve as a guarantee for a stable and secure journey for all network participants.

The liquidity is stashed away via UNCX Network, which enables token developers and liquidity providers to lock their positions for a predetermined and immutable period.

SafeMoon 3.0 To Leverage History For Fresh Increase

SafeMoon 3.0 looks to leverage the hype surrounding the failed coin SafeMoon and salvage its mission in the process. With a commitment to improving from past models, the coin is already attracting investors, all looking to acquire as many as possible before it is too late.

Barely hours since SafeMoon 3.0 launched, industry sleuths are already forecasting a more successful turnout this time round. This is plausible, considering it builds atop the hype of the last major memecoin sensation under the Pepe banner. Investors believe in the coin’s long-term growth potential and are willing to jump in early to capitalize on future gains.

As the market waits to see how Safemoon 3.0 will evolve, investors hope to find the new Pepe of the crypto market. Thus far, the odds are promising, but seeing it play out in the coming weeks and months will be more exciting.

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Other DEXTools Top Crypto Gainers to Watch

Besides SafeMoon3.0, other tokens are also buzzing on DEXTools.

WOJAK2.0 Makes Waves On DEXTools

Other top gainers on DEXTools to watch include WOJAK2.0, which meets users where fun and earning intersect. The project introduces an exciting NFT pet dog development game, uniquely merging traditional gaming experiences with DeFi and NFT collectibles.

The native token of the project, known as WOJAK2.0, plays a crucial role in the platform’s ecosystem. With a circulation of 69,420,000,000 tokens, it acts as the network’s primary medium of value exchange.

The score of $WOJAK 2.0 on DEXTools surpassed that of Pepe2.0 within a few hours post-launch, demonstrating its growing popularity and investor interest. The coin recorded an astonishing 5500% increase in value and currently boasts a remarkable 571% gain within under 24 hours.

BOBO Coin Rises in DEXTools Hot Pair List

BOBO coin is another top gainer, featuring on DEXTools as one of the most lucrative investments of the day. Mostly, this was due to the involvement of whale addresses.

It has a total market capitalization of $3.11 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $842.9K. BOBO boasts a 99/99 reliability score on DEXTools and an 87.5% Community Trust rating.

Promising Alternative

Consider YPRED, the ticker for the yPredict ecosystem. The project enables users to participate in prediction markets across various fields. These include finance, politics, and sports.

yPredict presale has already raised over $2.68 million, with the YPRED token currently auctioning at $0.09, with a listing price of $0.12.

The project incorporates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring transparent and democratic decision-making. By combining AI and decentralized technology, yPredict aims to tap into the vast potential of these domains.

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